Order CTR Optimization service

For now you can order only our CTR Optimization service.

  • CTR optimization service “CTR Start” plan starts from ONLY $12 Monthly. Price is for 2 keywords for 1 website for 30 days, to 900 searches total (with 900 clicks on your results, in any ratio between links and keywords).
  • You must send us two keywords (or two key phrases) and to two links from your website.
  • There is only one requirement: Your site has to be already indexed and ranked in Google for these keywords in Top 100 results.

How can I pay for this service?

Order online with Paypal payment in main website of our service: https://ctr.expert/pricing

Payments are processed for now only over Paypal. After your subscription, you send us email with your links and your keywords and your order is processed.

If you don’t know what CTR Optimization service is, please, read full information on autoclick.pro homepage or read FAQ on main website https://ctr.expert.