CTR Optimization Service

What is CTR?

CTR stands for Click Through Rate.

Why Click Through Rate is important?

CTR and traffic data are measured by Google and are included in Google ranking algorithm – in 2012-2013 CTR and traffic data was about 6%, but now this part of Google algorithm is more important.

google ranking algorithm

You can read more about Weighting of Ranking Factors in Google’s Algorithm in MOZ here.

ctr and traffic factors in google

  1. So, CTR and traffic are important if you want to be ranked top in Google!
  2. One more thing: Click Through Rate is important for your “Quality score” parameter in Google Adwords!
  3. So, if your CTR is higher, your ads in Google Adwords will be shown more often without higher cost!

How to do CTR Optimization?

You can order CTR Optimization service in this site. Our service is absolutely safe because we don’t click or pay attention to on any ads!

CTR Optimization service – “CTR Start” subscription plan

Our CTR optimization service costs from $12 Monthly. This price is fixed for two keywords for one website and is our “CTR Start” subscription plan for 30 days. Plan include 30 Searches Per Day, 900 searches total. Number of searches can be in any percentages between your 2 keywords. We accept any keywords and any language.

Example ONE: One keyword, one link: You can send us only one keyword and link to your site and you will receive for this keyword 900 searches total and 900 clicks on your link (average time of visit 70-90 seconds).
Example TWO: Two keywords, one link: You can send us two keywords and 1 link and some ratio – for example 70/30. You will receive for these 2 keywords 900 searches total – 630 for keyword one and 270 for keyword two.
Example THREE: Two keywords, two links: You can send us two keywords and 2 links and desired ratio – for example 60/40. You will receive for these 2 keywords 900 searches total – 540 for keyword one and 360 for keyword two.


Your website must be indexed and must be already ranked in Top 100 results in Google for your keywords.

Examples from CTR traffic campaign:

Here are screens from results of one of our web sites (6 days, only one keyword campaign, keyword “seo bg”, 20 searches daily): first picture is from Google Webmaster Tools: you can see clicks, impressions, CTR and position changes:

Picture two is from rank tracker tool: you can see how positions of website for keyword “seo bg” are changed for this time period:
ctr-optimization results-rank-tracker-scrapebox

OK, I want to pay for this service

Payments are processed for now only over Paypal. You can pay online over Paypal and Your order will be started in one business day.

Read more FAQ on autoclick.pro home page or just Start your Risk-Free 5 day trial in our main website.