Auto click program: automatic click program

What is Auto click program?

Did you know what Auto click program stands for? Auto click program stands for “automatic click program”! is a SEO service – “Search Box Optimization” (in UK English “Search Box Optimisation”) known also as “Google Suggest Optimization” or Search Suggest Optimization.

What is Google Autosuggest and Popularity of auto click programs

google autosuggest Do you notice Google Autosuggestions when you are looking for something on the web? Of course you do, and this means that about 75% of people trust the suggestions that Google makes when they are typing the name of a brand or blog.

So, what about paid program doing automatic clicks over results in Google SERP? Yes, our paid auto click software doing exactly this. The program is not for sale, this is paid service available only as a monthly subscription. The main achieved goal is to increase your site (or page) CTR.

What is CTR? How to increase my CTR in search results in Google?

CTR (stands for Click Trough Rate) is Important! CTR affects your Adwords Quality Score and your rankings in Google SERP! ctr and traffic factors in google

So, what you offering in this site, what are your SEO services? offers only 1 SEO service:

  • CTR optimization service. “CTR Start” subscription plan starts from $15 Monthly – price is for 30 days subscription – for two keywords for one website.
  • You will receive 30 Searches Per Day, 900 searches total, on random time intervals. Number of searches can be in any ratio between your two keywords.
  • You must send us two keywords (or two key phrases) and one or two links from your site. Keywords can be in any language, in any niche.
  • There is one requirement only: your site has to be already ranked in Google for these keywords in Top 100 results.

When I will see results in my rankings?

You will see results in Google SERP after about one week to one month. There is no warranty when you will see a higher position, but our tests show us that results are present after only 1-2 weeks.

What is the cost of CTR optimization and SBO services?

CTR optimization service costs from $15 Monthly – price is for two keywords for one website for 30 days – total 900 searches/30 daily.

How to pay?

Payments are processed only over Paypal.

Where and How to order CTR optimization and auto clicking services?

You can order auto click and CTR services at the website. This can be the difference between you and your competition – the only one thing to raise you from place Five to Place One in your niche! We work only with subscriptions – this is not a one-time service! To receive great results you will need to pay for minimum one month.

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